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Cansulta Speed Coaching


  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Operations


  • Launch
  • Manage
  • Solve


Built for the busy business leader, these sessions are one-time “quick hit” opportunities to check thinking, get a fresh perspective, or solicit objective feedback.

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When your business, and you, are running at full pace, it can be inconvenient to take blocks of time for individual planned coaching. Unfortunately, this important leadership tool is often the first thing sacrificed in the face of daily urgent and competing priorities. “I’ll put that off” can too often become a regular refrain that hurts you, and your business, in the long term.

Speed coaching is the answer. An inexpensive 30-minute check-in session, scheduled only as needed, partners you with a consultant that has decades of experience in both large and small companies in roles spanning sales, marketing, strategy, and operations. These sessions are built to move fast, with a tight focus on outlining the issue and discussing options for solving a problem or answering a question.

When time is tight, but knowledgeable feedback is important, a Cansulta Speed Coaching session may be the perfect option!


  • One scheduled 30-minute discussion session


  •  Definition of your challenge, discussion/brainstorming, options and guidance for action items which resolve the challenge – Does not include any written recap unless requested (additional price)


  • Scheduled in advance (2-day lead time), purchased as a single 30-minute session


  •  Client concisely defines the challenge when scheduling the session, consultant does not produce follow up material or written recap summary.


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