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Are you ready to officially become a Founder and get started within the United States of America? Then what are you waiting for?? Click that button now and let us go crazy together!

Mathew Essa
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SCOPE: Now that you have your idea all set and want to start out, there are many factors to consider including and not limited to “which state should I choose?”, “I’ve never been to the USA so how can I register?”, “What bank works best for my corporation?”, “how can I get legal consultancy without breaking the bank?”. This service works even if you do not live in the USA and still want a Corporation or LLC there and operate internationally.


DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: Having the tools needed to bootstrap an online corporation and/or e-commerce business as well as connections to various support agencies to help in legal, accounting and registration matters (additional prices might apply upon using the support agencies).


TIMING: We will have a 2 hour session followed by a 1 hour follow-up session the next week and a final 30 minutes check-up session the week after. You are able to reach out to me and book 30 minute progress meetings once a week for up to 10 weeks after our final 30 minutes check-up session.

ASSUMPTIONS: Within one to two months you should have a USA Corporation or LLC registered, processes started for a FEIN with the IRS, ability to reach out to lawyers for consultation when needed (separate charge might apply as this is a 3rd party support agency), ability to reach out to a CFA for your USA taxation needs (separate charge might apply as this is a 3rd party support agency) to name a few.

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