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Leadership Interviews – Internal Senior leadership & C – level assessments – An external view


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Define and align the key behavioral and leadership competencies that the assessment needs to focus on. Conduct detailed 1x1 assessment sessions with prospective internal senior leadership candidates and present a detailed account of their strengths, development areas, potential and culture fit in line with the position and organizational requirements.

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Internal leadership placement decisions are crucial determinants of how the business and people strategies will be adopted and lived. This service clarifies the behavioral and leadership competencies that the client is looking for in their leadership applicants and conducts detailed leadership assessment with the prospective candidates to present findings around strengths, development areas, leadership potential & readiness. A rank order can also be shared if the client so requires based on the assessments. This entails internal company talent leadership succession assessments or other internal  candidates seeking senior & executive level roles in the company. This external view can become another crucial element in the company’s decision making process evaluating their own internal talent base. A similar evaluation can also be offered if the client is seeking to assess an already final shortlisted external candidate panel.


  • Consultant will consider the job specification, organization & external challenges,  & requirements, company values and behavioral/leadership competencies to put together the leadership assessment framework.
  • Consultant will conduct  detailed 1×1 leadership assessments with potential applicants and share a detailed write up identifying the strengths, development areas, potential & senior level  organizational suitability
  • This service can also be tailored for evaluation and assessment of a panel of an already final shortlisted external (out of company) candidates


  • A detailed leadership assessment & recommendation capturing all the elements described above that need to be assessed for guiding the client on their decision making
  • 1×1 interviews/leadership assessments with potential leadership applicants
  • (MS Word exported into PDF)


  • Each leadership assessment can take up to 90 minutes. It may or may not require a shorter follow up. Framework readiness under which the assessments will be conducted typically requires 1 week as a prequel.. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.


  • Client will provide the necessary information around job specifications, succession & performance management frameworks, company culture & challenges (if any), external talent & business pressures, performance reviews and feedback of each internal applicant, required behavioral/leadership competencies
  • Client will identify the leadership applicants whose assessment is required
  • If required, client will provide access to other senior members of the team or company in order for the consultant to gauge a better understanding of the role & nature of the senior role  that requires to be filled
  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance throughout the journey
  • Applicants will be available within the agreed timeframe – consultant will keep the client updated if there are challenges on this front
  • Client will review & accept deliverables with 7 business days of final submission
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

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