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Team Cohesion – Mid to Senior & C level tiers


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Help assess and strengthen the team cohesion at the middle, senior & C level  leadership levels.  Conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand the opportunities and challenges with respect to team dynamics and collaborative working ability. Engage in 1x1 coaching conversations and open productive team dialogues for improved and sustained levels of trust, collaboration, commitment, and accountability.

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Leadership cohesion and way of working is an integral success ingredient in ensuring organizations achieve what they aim for. A team cohesion effort ensures that leaders are on-board the business strategy and are fully aware and able to play their part in making it happen. This exercise provides a clear understanding on the current level of trust, alignment, commitment, and accountability that the mid-tier and/or senior or C level -tier leaders exhibit and helps identify areas that require work to improve the leadership dynamic and collaboration.


  • Consultant will consider the business strategy and leadership frameworks to understand the context and situation
  • Consultant will review any current strategy decks/documents before meeting the leaders for required deep dives
  • Consultant will interview leaders and key stakeholders who interact with them to understand their understanding, commitment, and challenges
  • Consultant will explore the suggest avenues that require leaders to think or act differently for improved collaboration, trust, commitment, and accountability
  • Once decisions are made, consultant will conduct 1×1 coaching conversations with leaders to help them arrive at a roadmap of what needs to be done differently
  • Consultant will moderate team dialogues (as per need) to help bridge any gaps that may exist at a leader-team level, these conversations can be 1×1 or in a group setting (depending on the situational analysis)
  • At the client’s request, the Consultant can repeat the conversational schedule or suggest a pulse check survey after 3 months and 6 months to assess the trajectory of change and advise accordingly. This will require a separate engagement 


  • Analysis document based on Interviews with leaders and stakeholders capturing recommendations and signs of success (MS PowerPoint exported into PDF)
  • 1×1 coaching conversations with leaders 
  • Team dialogues (as per need)
  • Option to repeat conversations or survey to assess change (Will require a separate engagement)


  • This work typically requires 4-6 weeks to complete for smaller enterprises with a follow up option after 3 and 6 months; and 6-8 weeks for medium to large enterprises with a follow up option after 3 and 6 months. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase. The follow-up option will require a separate engagement


  • Client will provide the necessary information for understanding the business needs and current leadership/team-cohesion challenges
  • Client will identify the correct leaders and stakeholders for the interviews
  • Client will identify the correct leaders and participants for 1×1 coaching conversations and team dialogues
  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance throughout the journey
  • Client business process owner and key stakeholders will be available within the agreed timeframe
  • Client will review & accept deliverables within 7 business days of final submission
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate engagement

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