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Merging Organizations: How to Succeed

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Most of the ‘know how’ about how to plan and to manage an effective merger of two organizations – an acquiring one and an acquired one – exists in people’s heads. You can’t find a lot of books on the topic. You can find articles on the Internet about the large number of such mergers which ‘fail’, but not a lot about how to make them succeed

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Once the financial analysis is complete, the due diligence is done, the merger dramatics are over, the tough work starts – actually creating one effective organization out of what used to be two

This presentation deal with the tough work of merging organizations on the OPERATIONAL LEVEL. It covers the people, the work flow, the information technology | computer automation, and the physical plant issues involved. In it, you will get a framework for planning and structuring the work involved. You will see the difference between an ‘operational take over’ and a ‘best practice driven’ integration. 

A structure for planning, managing and monitoring the complexity involved in operationally merging organizations. 

You will see how dynamically interacting work on the people, the process, and the fooling level must be coordinated in either type of merger, You will see how staying on top of the critical success factors and the metrics needed to evaluate progress on the post financial aspect of a merger ultimately lead to its success or failure. 

Why bother = the value you will get from this presentation.

A way of thinking about the operational activity of actual merger an acquired organization once the financial aspects of the merger settle. This is what ultimately determines whether or not the ‘numbers’ driving the merger in the first place actually work. 

Who is this for? 

  • Executive Leaders accountable for ensuring the successful operational merger of an acquired organization – the operational merger project | program business sponsors and the members of the work oversight steering committee. 
  • Merger project | program leaders and their staff. 
  • Impacted executive leaders in the acquiring and the acquired organizations.


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