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Set Up a Treasury Unit


  • Finance


  • Manage
  • Plan
  • Solve


Set Up a Treasury Unit within a Company; under CFO’s supervision; doing more than just cash flow management.

Yasin Demir
From Yasin D
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When companies grow, initial financial desks busy with accounting and cost accounting  become insufficient for the needs. The size of the working capital, stocks  and cyclical business conditions require a company to manage high amount of cash or debt. According to the nature of the business, FX, commodity or interest rate risks may need to be managed as well.

At that stage I help a company to establish a treasury function, with the appropriate place in the organization chart. 

  • Hire people or train incumbent personnel
  • Select software (if needed) or suggest alternatives
  • Design processes
  • Create procedures


  • Interviews and Trainings
  • Job Descriptions
  • Work Flow Reports and Charts
  • Internal Procedures
  • On the job training

TIMING: 1-3 months, 4 hours a day

PRICE: 500 USD/Day


  • Includes follow up support (same duration of the project, 1-3 months)
  • Client will review & accept proposed budget.
  • HR (if any) and Financial Control Units will provide relevant human resource during the project, as planned.

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