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Business Process Management (BPM) Framework


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  • Operations


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We help to build a framework to ensure that your organisation can self-sustain itself regarding business process management

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To ensure your company constantly delivers goods and services at the desired level, it is extremely important that you pay attention to your “business processes” – Business processes are the various activities that you carry out to create value and meet customers’ expectations. Deji can support your organization with building and deploying a BPM framework that ensures the following:

  • Process documentation: This ensures that your employees can identify your core and support processes are documented and warehoused in a single source of truth.
  • Process review: Here, we create a system that ensures processes are periodically reviewed in line with business priorities
  • Process change management: Here we create a system that ensures changes made to processes are seamlessly deployed and all stakeholders are minimally negatively impacted


  • Consultant will develop, share and perform joint review of BPM framework document with client


  • BPM Framework document
  • SOP templates
  • BPM team organisational structure
  • BPM processes
  • Trainings on the above

TIMING: 2 weeks, time varies according to scope and requirements


  • Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions based on Client feedback
  • Client will provide information as and when due
  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in reviews
  • Client will review & accept Deliverables with days of final submission
  • Client will provide relevant source materials & data, licensed, company and brand assets & guidelines, etc.
  • Out-of-scope (e.g. business process reviews) or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

PRICE: Starting from $1000 USD.

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