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Podcast Audience Survey Template

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Audience surveys allow you to easily identify who your listeners are, what they like and dislike about your show, and what they want. This 30 question survey template will help you to efficiently collect demographic and psychographic data on your podcast audience. Templates for existing and prospective audiences are included.

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Too many podcasters focus on what they want to publish. Too few consider what their listeners actually want to hear.

Identifying key audience characteristics is hugely important when developing effective engagement and growth strategies. This survey template can be used to efficiently gather demographic and psychographic data on your podcast audience. Copies for both prospective listeners (23 questions) and existing audiences (30 questions) are included.

Audience data gathered using this template has been referenced in pitches that established partnerships with TVOntario and PBS.

INCLUDED: 1 x Survey Template Copy (Existing Audiences), 1 x Survey Template Copy (Prospective Audiences)

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