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Podcast Platform Feature Fast Track (Serious Newcomers Only)

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Front page features on podcast platforms boost your downloads and balloon your audience. 


These applications have secured front page features on two major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts and Stitcher).


Includes section-by-section breakdown.

Ethan Lee
From Ethan L
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Growing your show. Boosting your reach. Earning social proof. 


Waving right at your ideal listeners on the platforms where they listen. 


A front page feature on a major podcast platform is the only immediate way to get all of these. 


They’re also incredibly tough to snag.


But I’ve done it twice. 


These are the exact documents I’ve used to get podcasts on the front pages of Apple Podcasts & Stitcher.


I’ve included a breakdown highlighting exactly what these platforms’ curators are looking for (and how to give it to them).  


Get your feature written + submitted in 1 day. Wait 2 weeks. Simple.


Disclaimer: this purchase does not guarantee a feature, simply the best possible chance to secure one.


INCLUDED: 1 x Application Copy (Stitcher; DOCX), 1 x Application Copy (Apple; DOCX), 1 x Application Copy (Apple w/ Breakdown; DOCX & PDF)

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