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Customizable stakeholder map organized by proximity to center of diagram representing how essential stakeholders are to your project (Essential, Important, Other), distributed into 4 quadrants associated with your RACI Matrix, and grouped by stakeholder type (Role, Group, or Committee).

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A visual stakeholder map that communicates a tonne of valuable information in one graphic. What types of stakeholders are we talking about? Individual people or roles? Groups or Teams? Committees? Use individual cards to represent each type of stakeholder, and colour differentiates whether they are internal to your organization or external.

How important are they to the success of your project or initiative? If you map each stakeholder card in proximity to the center of the three layers of circles: closest to the middle are essential to your success, the second circle represents still important, and the third circle represents ‘other’. 

Then, based on the four quadrants of the diagram, plot your stakeholders in one or overlapping quadrants to represent if they are (R)esponsible for delivering the work, (A)ccountable for decision-making, (C)onsulted along the way, or (I)nformed of any status updates and progress.

INCLUDED: 1x Template Slide, 1x Example Slide

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