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Managing Workplace Investigations – E-Book

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No individual or business leader plans to initiate or oversee a workplace investigation, but understanding what’s involved and the appropriate actions is critical. This 124-slide E-Book will introduce you to Workplace Investigations, including management basics, and insights to ensure that you can initiate, oversee or launch an investigation, and the critical success factors to ensure that it goes ‘right.’

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This E-Book will introduce you to Workplace Investigations, including:

  • the management basics
  • information and insight to ensure that you can oversee the conduct of an investigation in your organization
  • Insight into when and why to launch an investigation
  • Insight into the critical success factors you must manage to ensure that it goes ‘right’

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Individuals who have to initiate and to oversee an investigation in their organization
  • Individuals who are involved in workplace investigation as a complainant, a witness, or an alleged offender
  • Business owners in small, medium and large for-profit and not-for-profit organizations

What’s covered? 

  1. Introduction: Who will benefit? What is covered?
  2. Do You Need to Conduct An Investigation?
  3. Reducing the Need to Do Investigations: Creating & Communicating Policy
  4. Investigations as Projects: 4 Stages | Types of Investigation
  5. Managing the Start Up Of An Investigation
  6. Clearly Defining the Roles When Overseeing An Investigation
  7. Exploring the Evidence Discovery Stage in More Depth
  8. Interacting with Alleged Offenders Who Become Respondents | Reporting Findings
  9. Managing Concerns In All Stages
  10. Selecting An Investigator: Internal versus External

FORMAT: PDF; 124 slides

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