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Sales Strategy & Plan


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Development of a Sales Strategy for your business that documents the key areas of potential market and revenue growth and how to position your business to capture and realize these opportunities.

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Are you considering entering a new market or are you in the startup phase of your business?  Or maybe your revenue growth has plateaued or you need to pivot with changing market conditions.  Developing a Sales Strategy & Sales Plan can help your business focus on the areas that will give you the highest return making you more profitable and better positioned to weather any potential headwinds.

How will I do this?

I will deepdive on all aspects of your business that contribute to revenue growth and market share and uncover both the opportunities and barriers to capitalize on these. Together we will refine the unique value you offer to the market, your ideal customer and uncover any opportunities in other market segments and/or geographical locations both domestic and international. Understanding the competitive landscape within this context is also crucial as well reviewing your Sales Process to reduce any customer friction in the sales process, reduce the sales lifecycle and time to close, increase sales conversions, as well as identify the highest priority sales opportunities.

The output will be a personalized Sales Strategy & Plan that will set the direction and trajectory for your business for the next 12 months.


  • Initial consultation to identify top priorities for engagement and key stakeholders for 1:1 interviews
  • The Sales Strategy will include the following: 
    • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    •  ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) 
    • Market growth opportunities
    •  Competitive Analysis
    •  Sales Process Review
  • Includes 3 check-ins to track sales progress during the following 12 month period with personalized sales coaching and advice


Sales Strategy & Plan outlining findings, recommendations and an action plan.


This work typically requires 12 months to complete. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.


  • Implementation of any of the recommendations from the Sales Strategy & Plan is out-of-scope and will require a separate engagement 

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