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Startup 1:1 Training


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Starting a company requires a lot of work with little promise of reward. Let me train you and your team over a few weeks to help you validate whether your product and company make sense. Let’s take out some of the guesswork.

Jon Goddard
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I have made a host of mistakes with multiple startups and have learned numerous very important lessons. Let me teach you some great methods to validate your startup idea and get you moving towards launching your product or service. 



  • Weekly trainings for 4 weeks,, each building on the last. You will be assigned “homework” so you can practice what you learn and 1)  validate your business concept, 2) make sure that your customers love what you offer, and 3) build and execute your plan.



  • Weekly 1 hour trainings for 4 weeks
  • “Homework” materials to help you validate various aspects of your business


TIMING: This course will take 4 weeks and will require meaningful effort from you each week after our call



  • You and your founding team will complete the assigned “homework” and will come ready to share and learn each week

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