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Competitive Analysis and Recommendations


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Understanding the competitive landscape is vital to success. Know where your competitors play well and where you play well to help define your unique value proposition and storytelling.

Jon Goddard
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I will do a strategic review of the competitive landscape, covering a few competitors you have suggested as well as others that I identify. I will identify the key areas that each competitor excels at (e.g. price, customer experience, quality, etc.) and how they position their products/services. I will then offer recommendations for you on how you can better differentiate and how you can provide a unique value proposition to a specific and meaningful target market.


  • 1 hour kick-off meeting to understand needs, align on priorities, and gain a basic understanding of the project (company, industry, objectives)
  • You will provide 2-4 competitors that are of greatest interest to you that will be included in the analysis. I will typically include at least 8 competitors in the analysis
  • I will dive into pricing, reviews, CX, products, value proposition, and other information relevant to the industry to ensure that we have a good understanding of each competitor


  • I will present to you my findings accompanied by a PDF report that will contain:
    • Competitor positioning and messaging
    • Competitor unique value propositions
    • Market landscape
    • Strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and their products/services
    • Recommendations regarding updates to unique value proposition, messaging, strategy, pricing, etc.

TIMING: Project is expected to take 4 weeks to complete, though there is some flexibility depending on client needs


  • Client will provide 2-4 competitors that will be included in the review
  • Client will provide a point of contact that will answer any necessary questions during the project
  • Depending on the industry, some additional tools may be required to enhance report accuracy and integrity. Those tools may require additional expenses, but those expenses will be approved by the client before purchase or can be waived with some impact to the final report
  • Includes a round of revisions (if desired) based on client feedback

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