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Over the last year/quarter there is a piece of the business that isn’t working well. Maybe the team isn't delivering on time; maybe the customer satisfaction measures have taken a dip; maybe a project looks like it’s about to fail. Let’s take a look to find out why and whether you can recover.

Michele Davies
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In one of my projects, most members of this business development team were struggling with closing sales under a new program, and were at risk of not making corporate targets. In a frank discussion, we uncovered that they were not able to translate a very technical complex effort effectively for their clients to understand how it applied to their business and engage. We identified two members of the team that had had success, dove into how they told the story, and started to understand their success. They teamed up with the rest of the team for all outreach calls, we managed a pipeline every two days, brought in some admin help for setting up meetings and goals were not only met, but overachieved! Sometimes the “fix” isn’t all that complicated, but it does take some effort to figure out where the problem really sits and to get beyond the surface. Together, we can dig into your team to look for some root-causes of the problem you are facing, and then explore how we might turn it around as follows:



  • Interview leading executive – what challenge is being faced, what advice or recommendation is helpful?
  • Determine who is in an oversight role of the challenge, document the process, and discuss with 3-5 people to gain insight and perspective of the current situation.
  • Identify key aspects of the challenge, what is important: people, process, systems, partners, other?
  • Determine how we can measure improvement.
  • Review current situation/documentation, look for strengths and gaps, identify top level recommendations.
  • Identify possible impact of recommendations.
  • Review with leading executive, identify recommendations and impact.
  • Finalize report, present findings.



  1. Interview notes
  2. High level process documentation – as applicable
  3. Identified metrics to measure success
  4. Workshop with lines of business impacted – if applicable
  5. Final report
  6. Presentation (if required) of final report



  • Assessment of problem area including perspective of people working in that area. 
  • Documented measures for success indicators, and recommendations on how to measure.
  • High level review of what is happening and recommendations to fix.


TIMING: 1 month


ASSUMPTIONS: The key assumption is access to individuals in the company for discussions throughout the process.

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