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Going Global!


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Let’s explore the world of exporting your product or service to the world.

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From John P
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There is a whole world of potential customers, why just limit your efforts to the US. It’s a lot easier than you might expect and a great strategy for hedging against downturns in the economy. With first hand experience with this strategy, let’s talk how exporting your product or service can add more to the diversification of your business.  



  • Consultant will review/analyze/consider your company, product/service.
  • Consultant will discuss some options for the client to consider.
  • Consultant will give an overview of potential ways to an export market.
  • Consultant will give client suggestions on resources available to help them have a better understanding of exporting.


  • Consultant will provide the client with a report, based on the client’s product/services on ‘next steps’ to consider if the client should like to move forward.

TIMING: This typically can be over 1-2 weeks..


  • 1 hour session to gain an understanding of the clients business, 1 hour session for client to provide suggestions and recommendations. 
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate Engagement

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