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US Grant Funding for Exporters


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The US Government will help American Exporters with grants for international trade shows, websites, trade missions and many things related to helping you expand globally.

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The US Government means business when it comes to exporting. Through most State’s, this funding is readily available up to generally $10,000.00 for export activity such as international trade missions, trade shows, websites and other export related items. These are GRANTS, not loans. The application process is generally the same in each state and funds are awarded based on your application request. I have helped many companies (including myself) through this process and I’d love to help you too, to go Global.


  • We will review your company, market sector, product and/or service.
  • Consultant will give a full overview of the program.
  • Consultant will provide hands-on help with identifying the agency in your state that administers this grant.
  • Consultant will formulate a plan with the client to move forward.
  • Consultant will provide all necessary grant request paperwork.
  • Consultant will walk through each step of the grant application with the client.
  • Includes 2 live meetings of up to 1 hour and 3 live meetings of up to 15 minutes.


  • Consultant will walk the client through the whole process.


  • Depending on the clients urgency and each State’s backlog, the process from start to a submission of the grant requests would take 2-3 weeks. Typically, once the application is submitted to each State’s granting authority, an approval would be between 2-6 weeks. Generally though we will know up front what the timing is before the grant request submission


  • Consultant assumes that the client has a product and/or service that is near or ready for export.

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