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So, you’d like to do business in the US..?


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For international companies that would like to do business in the US.

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For international SME’s who are considering entering the US market, it can seem like an overwhelming endeavor, where to start, what region, regulations, markets, customers and what kind of initial investment are all things to be considered before considering making the move. We have helped dozens of companies over the years to make the path to the US a lot more clearer and less confusing.



  • Consultant & Client will discuss your company, product and/or service and formulate if the Client’s product is ‘export ready’.
  • Consultant will follow back with an initial checklist of initial items to be considered based on discussion above with Client such as regulatory, legal, geographic, marketing, potential funding, ways to market and personnel considerations.
  • Follow up session to focus on details and provide a possible road map based on Consultant & Client Input.
  • Consultant will provide a finalized ‘way to market’ summary based on the Clients specific goals and understanding from the above sessions.


  • The Client will have a clear idea, specifically tailored for their company & product on how or if they should proceed with putting their first ‘footprint’ into the US market. This will be provided in a concise report.


  • 3-5 weeks


  • 1 hour initial fact finding call/conference, 1 hour follow up call/conference to go over the initial checklist, 1 hour call/conference to finalize a road map, 1 hour call/conference to summarize the ‘way to market’ report.

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