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Business Planning Report


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Prepare for success with our comprehensive Business Planning Report service. We deliver two insightful reports and a strategic presentation, offering a clear market position and actionable insights to navigate potential industry pitfalls, ensuring your business idea is both innovative and strategically poised for success.

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Gain an unparalleled perspective of your industry with our Business Planning Report service. We provide critical insights and strategic recommendations tailored to safeguard your business against common industry missteps and enhance your market positioning.

Scope of Services:

  • New Venture Assessment: Analyze and assess the viability and positioning of your new business venture, producing a detailed report.
  • Strategic Business Analysis: Conduct a deep dive into your business operations and market environment to develop a potential strategy report.
  • Strategic Training Sessions: Offer specialized training based on our strategic recommendations to ensure your team is well-prepared to implement these strategies.
  • Presentations and Reports: Create and present two detailed reports and a comprehensive strategic presentation, highlighting key findings and recommendations.


  • Two comprehensive reports, each a minimum of 10 pages, detailing the new venture assessment and strategic business analysis.
  • A final strategic presentation with a minimum of 20 slides, exported in PDF format, summarizing the key insights and strategies.


  • The entire service is designed to be completed within a two-week period, with the exact schedule to be finalized during the consultation phase.


  • The client will provide all necessary data, source materials, and company branding guidelines required for thorough analysis.
  • Up to three rounds of revisions will be accommodated based on client feedback.
  • The client is expected to review and approve all deliverables within five business days of final submission.

Additional Provisions:

  • Any tasks or requests beyond the agreed scope will necessitate a separate engagement agreement.

PRICE: $1,800.00 USD

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