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Financial and Business Strategy Consulting – Full Day


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Unlock the potential of your data with our full-day Financial and Business Strategy Consulting service. We convert complex data into actionable insights, equipping your team with the tools needed for precise decision-making, strategic planning, and enhanced operational efficiency to meet your financial goals.

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In today’s data-driven landscape, understanding and utilizing your business data is crucial for strategic decision-making and long-term success. Our full-day consulting service is meticulously designed to transform your complex business data into actionable insights that empower your strategic and financial planning processes. With a focus on simplifying data analysis, we help you navigate through your data to unlock valuable insights, ensuring your business strategies are aligned with your financial goals.

Scope of Services:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Development and Analysis: Identify and track essential KPIs to monitor your business health and drive strategic decisions.
  • Revenue Forecasting and Strategic KPI Target Setting: Equip your team with forward-looking insights to set realistic and ambitious financial targets.
  • Financial Planning and Profitability Analysis: Craft detailed financial plans that highlight potential profitability optimizations.
  • Budget Management and Forecasting: Enhance your budgeting techniques and improve forecast accuracy to better manage financial resources.
  • Strategic Business Planning: Assist in the development and execution of robust business strategies that align with company goals.
  • Consumer Analytics and Market Insights: Dive deep into consumer data to extract strategic insights that inform product and marketing strategies.
  • Product Performance Analysis: Conduct comprehensive reviews of existing products and forecast potential for new products.
  • Custom Ad Hoc Analysis: Tailor specific analyses to address unique business challenges or opportunities as they arise.


  • Customized reports and presentations designed to support decision-making in management meetings.
  • Detailed analysis documents in the client’s preferred format (Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, etc.).
  • Strategic action plans and recommendations.


  • The specific timeline for deliverables will be determined during the initial consultation to align with the client’s schedule and immediate needs.


  • The client will provide all necessary data and access to relevant tools and systems.
  • Feedback and revisions will be addressed promptly to ensure deliverables meet client expectations.
  • Final acceptance of deliverables within 5 business days of submission.Additional or out-of-scope requests will be handled through a separate engagement.
  • Additional or out-of-scope requests will be handled through a separate engagement.

PRICE: $850.00 USD/ per day.

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