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Tax Structuring, Transfer Pricing & International Tax Advisory Services


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Navigate the complexities of global markets with our expert Tax Structuring, Transfer Pricing, and International Tax Advisory services. We provide tailored solutions to optimize your tax position, ensure compliance with international laws, and enhance business efficiency across borders.

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Our comprehensive services in Tax Structuring, Transfer Pricing, and International Tax Advisory are designed to assist corporations in navigating the intricate tax regulations encountered in multiple jurisdictions. We focus on optimizing your tax strategies to support international operations and enhance profitability while ensuring full compliance with global tax laws.

Scope of Services:

  •  Tax Structuring: Develop and implement efficient tax structures tailored to your business needs and operational model. This includes entity formation, jurisdictional analysis, and strategic planning to minimize global tax liabilities.
  • Transfer Pricing: Design and document transfer pricing policies that comply with international standards and local laws. This includes economic analysis, transfer pricing documentation, and strategy development to manage risks associated with intercompany transactions.
  • International Tax Advisory: Provide ongoing advice on international tax issues including double tax treaties, foreign tax credits, and cross-border tax planning. Offer guidance on tax-efficient repatriation of profits and advise on changes in international tax regulations.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements across jurisdictions, including reporting obligations under BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) guidelines.


  • A strategic report outlining tax structuring opportunities and recommendations.
  • Comprehensive transfer pricing documentation compliant with OECD guidelines.
  • Regular advisory memos and updates on international tax developments.
  • Implementation plans for recommended tax strategies.


  • The timeline for delivery will vary based on the complexity of the client’s needs and the jurisdictions involved, typically ranging from 3 to 6 months.


  • The client will provide all necessary financial data and access to relevant personnel for interviews and data collection.
  • The client commits to timely communication and feedback to facilitate efficient project progression.
  • External legal or regulatory changes that impact the project scope may necessitate adjustments to the timeline and costs.

Additional Provisions:

  • Engagements requiring specific expertise or certification in a foreign jurisdiction may involve collaboration with local partners or experts.

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