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Drafting Business Requirements


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We specialize in gathering, designing, and documenting business requirements to ensure your technology solutions perfectly align with your operational needs. Our detailed Business Requirements Document serves as a comprehensive guide for your system or solution implementation.

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Creating a Business Requirements Document is essential for effectively implementing technology solutions that meet both business and functional needs. Our service focuses on translating your business objectives into a structured document that your technical, business, and change management teams can utilize for developing customized solutions and facilitating smooth transitions.

Scope of Services:

  • Engagement Planning: Develop a plan tailored to produce a comprehensive Business Requirements Document.
  • Document Review: Assess existing documents such as business requirement documents or business process maps.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Co-develop a list of stakeholders and engage them through interviews and workshops to capture comprehensive business and functional requirements.
  • Documentation: Compile and articulate all requirements, including business, functional, non-functional, and report specifications.
  • Continuous Collaboration: Facilitate live meetings and collaborative sessions to refine requirements and gather feedback.


  • A detailed engagement plan and regular status updates.
  • Comprehensive meeting notes and workshop materials.
    • A complete Business Requirements Document in MS Word, which includes:
      Stakeholder list.
    • Detailed business and functional requirements.
    • Optional elements such as wireframes, conceptual models, and a data dictionary.


  • The project duration is typically between 8-20 weeks, with exact timelines agreed upon at project initiation.


  • The client will provide access to all necessary systems and stakeholders for comprehensive requirement gathering.
  • The client will agree to or provide a standardized Business Requirements Document template.
  • Unlimited revisions will be accommodated to ensure the final document meets all specifications.
  • The client is responsible for arranging the documentation of all technical requirements.
  • Final deliverable acceptance will be within ten business days of submission.

Additional Notes:

  • Any requirements or tasks that fall outside the initial scope will be managed through separate negotiations and agreements.

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