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This program is designed to help presenters who know what information they want to share but do not have the time or expertise to develop slides to enhance their presentations. It is a done-for-you service that provides designed slides that presenters would be proud to use.

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Do you know what information you want to share?  Do you know how to craft slides that enhance your presentation rather than distract from it?  Would you like someone to take on the task of creating amazing slides for you?

If you’d like a done-for-you solution where we provide you with amazing slides based on basic slides from you, this program could be for you.

I work with my colleague, who is an amazing graphic designer and PowerPoint whiz, to create slides that would enhance any presentation and provide you with slides you would be proud to use.


  • The Consultant will review and provide feedback on your draft basic slides
  • The Consultant will provide done-for-you slides created from a basic slide template


  •   Basic Slide template
  •   Designed slides


  • Three weeks before your presentation.  Exact timing may vary.


  •  Client will provide draft basic slides at two weeks before the presentation
  •  Client will review the draft designed slides and provide comments by the agreed-on date

  Revisions to be conducted as per the following:

o   One round of revisions for outline and basic slides

o   Two rounds of revisions for designed slides

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