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Confident Presenter Program


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This program is designed to help inexperienced presenters overcome anxiety and manage nerves, connect with their audiences, and have their key information remembered. It includes training and one-on-one coaching to make their informative and technical presentations memorable and engaging based on the brain science of how people learn and remember.

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Are you an inexperienced or nervous presenter who would like help to:

  • Feel confident presenting and looking forward with excitement to your next presentation?
  • Develop presentations that have more ease and flow and connect with your audiences through stories and through clear, uncrowded slides with great images?
  • Be seen as an expert and taken seriously as a professional, get great feedback on your presentations, and be asked to present more often?

If you’d like help becoming a more confident presenter who is recognized for your expertise, this program could be for you.
As your partner, I will work with you to craft an amazing presentation that will make you feel confident and help you stand out.


  • The Consultant will provide lifetime access to online recorded training sessions on organization, storytelling, slides, presence and on-line presence
  • The Consultant will review and provide feedback on your draft outline and basic slides
  • The Consultant will provide done-for-you slides created from a basic slide template
  • The Consultant will provide supportive feedback at two or more one-on-one online recorded run-through and feedback sessions (total of 180 minutes)


  • Recorded online training sessions
  • Basic Slide template
  • Designed slides
  • Supportive feedback during the run-through and feedback sessions


  • Please allow at least six weeks before your presentation to complete all aspects of this program. Exact timing may vary.


  • Client will agree to participate in a planning call to determine timing for the various steps included in this program
  • Client will watch the training videos relating to

o Organization and Storytelling before providing the draft outline
o Slides before providing basic slides
o Presence and Online Presence before the first run-through session

  • Client will provide draft organization and draft basic slides at the times agreed to during the planning call
  • Client will review the draft slides and provide comments in accordance with the timing agreed to during the planning call
  •  Revisions to be conducted as per the following:

o One round of revisions for outline and basic slides
o Two rounds of revisions for designed slides

  • Client will make self available for recorded run throughs and feedback sessions in accordance with the timing agreed to during the planning call

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