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What Do Analytics and Data Sciences Consultants Do?
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Analytics and Data Sciences (A & DS) consultants help businesses collect and leverage data to solve specific business challenges, like optimizing energy consumption. They work with clients to design, build, and then validate data and analytics systems, which can include data collection, storage, protection, and adherence to regulations. They can then train employees to improve overall data literacy and ensure staff can make use of the data being collected.

An A & DS consultant will generally follow the following four steps when helping a new client:

  1. Examine the data ecosystem and create a strategy to put it to good use
  2. Develop data models based on strategy
  3. Test and implement the data processes and enable any necessary technology
  4. Train employees on new processes and continue to oversee new systems

Here’s a real-world example of an A & DS consultant in action:

A business has a wide range of stored data around promotional activities and transactions with both customers and suppliers. They want to use this information to make better advertising decisions, but they don’t know where to start. An A &DS consultant will organize their data, then build a statistical model to reveal which activities will most-likely lead to revenue & profit growth.

If you face a similar situation, and think an A & DS consultant can help you get the most of the data at your fingertips, visit to browse our vetted experts today!

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