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Marketing: more than just social media…
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How many times people, friends have asked “What do you do for a living?”, or “What is your job classification?” My answer has always been, “I am helping companies to succeed through marketing”.  

Most of the time, from the expression on their face, I imagined a little cloud above their head with the image of a young person (which I am not!), with a phone in hand clicking and constantly posting on FB or Instagram or whichever social media is considered to be ‘on trend’.

Well, the spectrum of marketing is so vast! It goes from the inspiration/creation of a product, to the control of the last click of the proper social media. 

Let’s define this noun that becomes a verb depending on the context in which it is being used, so next time you need to hire someone to cover the position, you will know exactly what that person needs to accomplish for you.

The Communication and the Promotional side of Marketing is just the last stage of the definition, which is also the visible part of the marketing iceberg. Everything begins with the Strategic side: Customer’s needs, defining an offer, deciding which market to target, calculating the proper price of the offer, making it happen! Each of these stages requires costly research and analysis, let’s look at them together.  

See you next time….

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