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We have successfully developed analytical talent of all types for decades, let our experience and techniques work for you.  We can be hired directly by analysts looking to break out or by companies looking to level up their talent.

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These coaching sessions are designed to diagnose skill sets and to set analysts on paths to produce more actionable outputs.  We sell such sessions in 10 hour blocks.  The first 5 sessions follow a standard pathway that determines an analyst’s skills and desired areas of focus.  The last five sessions in the block focus on execution of skill gathering customized to a plan set and agreed upon by the analyst and the coach.


To get analysts unstuck by confronting the roadblocks and bad habits.  The output should be an analyst that not only knows what they need to do to win, but provides them tactical game plan for winning.


We offer flexible scheduling but default to weekly or bi-weekly patterns.



  • In engagements hired by the company these engagements can be part of a development process that “is not optional” for the employee in question, meaning that we can utilize these to determine if the analyst is the right fit for the client and if not work to terminate the analyst.  
  • Analysts that hire us directly receive non-disclosure privileges that safeguard all discussions and findings to be completely private.

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