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Business Capture – Capture Kickoff & Governance Plan


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The Kick-off and Opportunity Capture Plan is the crucial roadmap for securing new business and growing your revenue - and your business.

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Business Opportunity Capture Kick-off and Governance activities are designed to provide a focus to your business development team in order to identify what responsibilities, attributes and actions will work to increase your “probability of win” (Pwin).


Clients who benefit most from this service suite often observe that they keep losing despite spending large sums of money. They also may observe that despite having attended specialized training on capture and proposal management processes, their own processes just don’t seem to work effectively. They may also plan a “good game”, but in reality they can’t tell if their process is on- or off-track when the pace of work increases.


If your organization exhibits one or more of these symptoms (or something similar); the capture kick-off and governance plan can help a lot. It can help you know where the gaps in your approach and offering. It will formalize the communication and process for a winning strategy. And it can help you prepare supporting proposal materials early in the process to avoid the chaos that too often describes proposal development.



  • Consultant will conduct an introductory presentation covering Business Capture kickoff, what it takes to win, how to identify your gaps, and how to fill them.
  • Consultant will assess your organization’s business opportunity characteristics / timeline and any known Customer traits.
  • Consultant will develop a Business Capture governance plan and timeline
  • Includes 3 – 5  live meetings/collaborative working sessions of 30 – 45 minutes



  • Business Capture kick-off meeting presentation (Keynote / MS PowerPoint exported into PDF, 10-25 slides)
  • Business Capture Plan and Governance slide deck  (Keynote / MS PowerPoint exported into PDF, 10-25 slides)
  • Capture Schedule Plan and Milestones (MS Project .mpp)


TIMING: This work typically requires 1-2 weeks to complete. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.



  • Client will provide relevant business opportunity background information and identify business development team members and current responsibilities
  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in reviews
  • Client will review & accept Deliverables with 5 business  days of final submission
  • Client will provide relevant source materials & data, licensed, company and brand assets & guidelines, etc.
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate  Engagement

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