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Business Capture – Competition Analysis and “Black Hat Review”


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Knowing when to pursue or not pursue a new business opportunity is crucial to successful business. You must make an objective analysis and review of potential competition to make the right decision.

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Business Opportunity Competition Analysis and “Black Hat Review” is designed to improve your business development team’s understanding of who you are competing against, and how to structure and price your offering in order  to increase your “probability of win” (Pwin).


Clients who benefit most from this service suite often observe that they keep losing despite spending large sums of money. They also tend to mismatch the performance value of their offering to what the Customer is willing to pay for it; or – they fall victim to “Technically Acceptable / Lowest Price” competition.


If you find your organization in need of a structured approach to understanding how best to structure and price a winning offering against your competition, the service suite will help. And it can help you prepare supporting proposal materials early in the process to avoid the chaos that too often describes proposal development.



  • Consultant will conduct a tutorial session covering the purpose and process for conducting the competitor analysis and “Black Hat” review
  • Consultant will coordinate 3 focused workshop(s) to brainstorm Competitor characteristics
    • Technical approach and assumptions
    • Management approach and assumptions
    • Past performance and PP assumptions
    • Perceived Teaming/Partnering approach and assumptions
    • Estimated Strengths / Weaknesses, Risks and assumptions
    • Perceived Overall Win Strategy approach and assumptions
  • Consultant will develop a set of “Black Hat” worksheets that will assist your team with:
    • Documenting analysis and assumptions surrounding each of the three simulated Competitors
    • Summarizing the results of the “Black Hat” review for alternatives assessment and decision making
  • Includes 3 facilitated meetings/collaborative working sessions of 60 – 75 minutes



  • Competitor intelligence and analysis tutorial slide deck  (Keynote / MS PowerPoint exported into PDF, 10-25 slides)
  • Competitor intelligence and analysis templates and questionnaires  (Keynote / MS PowerPoint exported into PDF, 10-25 slides)
  • Completed competitor profiles (for 3 organizations) in pre-designed profile templates


TIMING: This work typically requires 3-5 weeks to complete depending on available “Black Hat” review team members. A specific timeframe for execution will be agreed between Client and Consultant after purchase.



  • This service is planned for a group of three potential competitors
  • Client has a strong understanding of potential Customer organization, priorities, key personnel, and strategic goals (if not, Service Offering 2: Business Capture – Customer Intelligence and Communication Plan, should be considered before this Service Suite is undertaken)
  • Client will provide identified Competitor organizations and any  background information and / or access to previous employees.
  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in reviews
  • Client will review & accept Deliverables with 5 business  days of final submission
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate  Engagement

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