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Marketing and Advertising Strategy


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A Marketing and Advertising plan that has your target customer in mind drives sales. Let’s work together to define and outline the best way to reach your target customers online, in-person or both.

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We will work together to identify your target market, and I will develop a marketing and advertising plan for you based on your industry and budget. Advertising tactics could include SEO, email, social media ads, influencer or affiliate marketing, or direct mail. 

This service could be scaled up to provide additional levels of detail like, in-depth social media ad strategy and copy templates, influencers lists, execution plans for each tactic, email templates, best practices, training, etc. 



  • 1 hour kick-off meeting to understand needs, budget, level of detail, industry, priorities, etc. which will influence the cost of the advertising plan
  • Marketing and advertising plan that outlines recommended advertising avenues, expected ROI for each avenue, best practices, etc.


  • Marketing and Advertising findings meeting with strategy document that will contain:
    • Recommended advertising tactics, platforms, metrics and messaging
    • Expected spend and ROI for each avenue 
    • Additional information as discussed:
      • Lead lists
      • Influencer lists
      • Affiliate program recommendations
      • SEO website optimizations
      • Best practices, templates, instructions, and/or training

TIMING: Project is expected to take 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on the level of detail and training desired  


  • Client will provide a point of contact that will answer any necessary questions during the project
  • Depending on the industry, some additional tools may be required to enhance recommendations. Those tools may require additional expenses, but those expenses will be approved by the client before purchase or can be waived with some impact to the recommendations

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