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“Be the Best Manager of Others and Team Player You Can Be” Coaching


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Get the insight into your decision making and problem-solving behavior patterns that will make your, and your team-mates, more productive back on-the-job. Improve your individual and team creativity and productivity. Decrease unproductive interpersonal conflict and disruption.

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For An Individual

You deliver at exceptional levels at work. You want to take the next step – becoming a next level manager | leader of others. To get there, you realize that you need “above average – better than every day” levels of interpersonal skill.

You need solid insight into your own work place “decision making and interacting with others” behavior patterns. You need to know how they are the same or different from the people with whom you work.
Competency Style™ based One-on-One Coaching will do exactly that: increase your personal productivity and power charge your management career.

For A Work Team (or Number of Teams)

You lead a team. You need that whole team to become more productive and skilled: as individuals and as a team. They must be more creative and productive when working with one another, and less concerned about personality and style-based conflict.

Competency Style™ Team Productivity Coaching will increase each team members’ personal productivity and take your team’s work output to the next level.


  • Each individual completes the on-line “Your Decision Making Behavior At Work” Survey.
    A results report is compiled for each individual.
  • A one-on-one personal coaching session (Zoom based) is scheduled. During it, the person’s results are explored. Action implications for using the new insights to increase the person’s interpersonal effectiveness back-on-the-job are based on these insights.
    For a team, a group profile is developed.
  • A Zoom workshop (3 hours) explores the team profile with all of the members of the team (up to 8 members),


  • A customized “Decision Making At Work’ Behavior Patterns Report for each Individual.
  • A one – on – one coaching session for each individual
  • If for a team – a group profile which highlights the group decision making dynamics. Followed by a group workshop which explores the group profile in depth, and develops action plans for increasing the team’s productivity and creativity.


  • Person Survey completion – within a week after engagement –
  • One on one coaching session – within a week after survey completion
  • Team Profiles and workshops are generally completed within 4 weeks after engagement, depending on team members’ completion of surveys and one on one coaching sessions.


  • All team members participate, including team leader or manager.
  • Teams are not larger than 8 individuals. If so, ‘subsets’ of the team are developed and engage progressively. The group workshop additional fee applies to each ‘subset’.

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