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General Support – Weekly Coaching & Mentorship


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Weekly Coaching & Mentorship is critical for small business owners to succeed in today's competitive landscape. It provides personalized guidance, support, and accountability to help owners overcome challenges and make informed decisions. Without regular coaching, owners risk missing opportunities, losing momentum, and making costly mistakes.

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Are you tired of feeling like you’re running your business alone? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to manage your time, grow your business, or solve critical issues? Our weekly coaching and mentorship service is here to help. We will work together to identify areas where you can improve, develop a plan to manage and grow your business, and solve any issues that arise along the way.

Weekly coaching and mentorship is important for small business owners for several reasons. Firstly, it provides them with guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Having someone to turn to for advice and insights can help them make better decisions and avoid common mistakes.

Secondly, coaching and mentorship can help small business owners stay accountable and focused on their goals. By setting weekly targets and discussing progress with their coach or mentor, they can stay on track and ensure that they are moving in the right direction.

Finally, coaching and mentorship can help small business owners develop the skills and knowledge they need to grow their business. Whether it’s learning how to manage finances, improve marketing strategies, or build a strong team, a coach or mentor can provide the expertise and guidance necessary for success.

Without coaching and mentorship, small business owners may struggle to navigate the complexities of running a business, make costly mistakes, and miss out on opportunities for growth and development.

Our four live meetings, each lasting one hour, will give you the opportunity to collaborate and receive personalized advice tailored to your specific needs. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Take advantage of our weekly coaching and mentorship service and take your business to the next level. Sign up today and start seeing results in just four weeks.


  • Receive personalized support and guidance to manage, grow, and solve challenges in your small business
  • Benefit from four live meetings/collaborative working sessions of one hour each with experienced consultants
  • Receive expert advice on leadership, startups, and strategy to help you achieve your business goals


  • No documentation will be provided unless requested by Client and approved by Consultant 

TIMING: 4 weeks


  • Client will provide constructive feedback and guidance in reviews
  • Client will provide relevant source materials and data, licensed, company and brand assets and guidelines, etc.
  • Out-of-scope or additional requests will require a separate engagement.

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