$20,000.00 excluding tax

Registering The Client with Accredited Carbon Verifiers



Once Carbon Neutrality has been achieved, the client will have to register as a Carbon Credit generating entity. This certificate is obtained by 3-4 worldwide accepted verifiers.

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The verifier will request a very thorough methodology of how the Carbon Credit generating company has achieved the carbon neutrality stage and what steps are taken to maintain its company in order to perpetuate the mandatory parameters for the company to remain carbon negative. The verifier before it issues a certificate will send his own auditor. Something like ISO auditing but focused on carbon negativity. 


SCOPE: Prepare all application and supporting documentation for client becoming a carbon negative entity

DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS: The application to the Verifier (100 – 300 Pages) – Small company. Once a certificate is obtained verified carbon credits can be sold in the open market. 

TIMING: 90 days

ASSUMPTIONS: Client assigns personnel to generate parts of the application

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