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  • Skills: marketing ✕
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  • Business Strategy
    • Analytics & Data Science
      • Custom KPIs and Indicators
      • Dashboards
      • Data science
      • Statistical analysis
      • Visualizations
    • Brand
    • Brand Messaging
    • Brand Storytelling
    • Brand Strategy
      • Investment Promotion
        • Investment Promotion Strategy & Target Acquisition
    • Business analysis
    • Business transformation
      • Process engineering
      • Sector Development Strategy & Roadmap
      • Transformation Strategy & Roadmap
      • Workflow planning and mapping
    • Composite Measures / Score Design
    • Corporate Strategy
      • Global Expansion
      • PMO Assessment & Recommendations
      • Sourcing Strategy & Roadmap
    • Go to Market Strategy
    • Governance
      • Board membership
      • Board recruitment
      • Board/committee leadership
      • Creating/structuring board committees
      • Creating/structuring boards
      • Reporting to a board
    • Innovation
      • Ecosystem Mapping
      • New technologies and web3
      • Pursuing new market opportunities
    • Marketing & Sales Funnel Analysis
    • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • Operating a business
      • Operating model design and implementation
    • Operational strategy and planning
      • Global Operations
      • Red Teaming or Alternative Analysis
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Startups
    • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
    • Communications Guide
      • Messaging Bible
    • Communications Strategy
    • Content and Copy
      • Business Names & Slogans
      • Content Strategy
      • Content templates
      • eLearning content
      • Email Copy
      • Grant writing
      • Sales Copy
      • Sales proposal writing & templates
      • Scriptwriting
      • Speechwriting
      • Technical writing
      • Translation
      • UX Writing
    • Podcasts
    • Presentations
      • Presentation Training
    • Thought Leadership
  • Finance
    • Accounting
      • Accounting software
      • GAAP
      • Regulations & standards
    • Bookkeeping
      • Bookkeeping
    • Break Even Analysis
    • Business expense reduction
    • Business optimization
    • Business Scenario Modeling
    • Capital & financing
      • Class Action
      • Debt and equity financing
      • Employer funding including Tax Credits
      • Grants and subsidies
      • Innovation funding including tax credits
      • Investors
      • Lease Audit
      • Loans
      • Valuation
      • Venture capital
    • Cash flow
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Estate Planning
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
      • Break-even strategy
      • Business modelling
      • Demand forecasting
      • Revenue forecast
      • Valuations
    • Financial Projections
    • Financial technology
      • Quickbooks
      • Xero
    • Grants
      • CanExport
      • Government Grants
      • NRC-IRAP
      • Ontario Centers of Innovation
    • Insurance
      • Corporate insurance
      • Life insurance
      • Personal insurance
    • Payroll
      • Deductions
      • Payroll software
    • Risk
    • Sales Forecast
    • Taxes
      • E-business Tax Credit
      • Multimedia Tax Credit
      • OIDMTC Tax Credit
      • Property Tax
      • Sales Tax Recovery
      • Tax Credits
      • Tax planning
      • Tax preparation
  • Human Resources
    • Compensation & benefits
      • Contracts, hiring and firing
      • Employee benefits
      • Group benefits
      • Hire and retain employees
      • Key person insurance
    • Compliance and employee standards
    • Culture
      • Diversity
      • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)
      • Engagement
      • Equity
      • Inclusion
      • Mission and purpose
      • Office culture and work-from-home
    • Employee Relations
      • coaching
      • Consulting
      • etc
      • Investigations/Mediation
      • mentoring
    • Learning & Development (L&D)
      • Benchmarking (NPS, MTM)
      • eLearning Design
      • eLearning Development
      • In-person and virtual Workshop facilitation
      • In-person Workshop Design and Delivery
      • Instructional video development
      • Job Aids
      • Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Evaluation
      • Knowledge Checks
      • Learning Path development
      • Learning Program / Curriculum Design
      • Voice over
      • Webinar Design and Delivery
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Organizational structure
      • Functions, accountabilities, positions
      • Job Descriptions
      • Organizational design
    • Payroll services
      • Deductions
      • Global payroll
    • Performance management
      • Competency Framework
      • Needs Assessment
      • Performance gap analysis
    • Policies
    • Strategic HR Planning
      • Organizational Design
      • Policies and Processes
    • Talent acquisition & recruitment
      • Background screening
      • Hiring strategy
      • IT Recruitment
      • Onboarding
      • Recruitment strategy
      • Retention strategy
      • Sales hiring strategy
    • Tools
      • ATS software
      • HRIS software
    • Training and Development
      • Career Development
      • Management 101
  • Leadership
    • Business coaching
      • Avoiding burnout
      • Decision-making
      • Feedback
      • Leader effectiveness
      • Sales Coaching
      • Team & Group Coaching
      • Team Performance
      • Time management
    • Business planning
    • Change Management
      • Building organizational capacity
      • Change Management Strategy
      • Creating a resilient organization
      • Enterprise change management
      • Project-based Change Management
    • Coaching
      • Career Coaching
      • Leadership Coaching
      • Life Coaching
      • Presentation Coaching
    • Growth strategies
      • Creating a business plan
      • Figuring out your business problem
    • People management
      • Building a cross-functional team
      • Building a high-performing team
      • Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation
      • Giving feedback
      • Helping teams work remotely
      • Inspiring performance
      • Promoting horizontal, collaborative opportunities
  • Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Audience Centric Solutions
    • Audience Design and Segmentation
    • Branding
      • Brand Identity
      • Brand management
      • Brand Storytelling
      • Brand Strategy
      • Copywriting
      • Value Foundations
    • Budget & Planning
      • Campaign planning
      • Marketing budget
    • Consumer Insights
    • Creative Direction
    • Digital advertising
    • Digital marketing strategy
    • Email marketing
      • Platforms and software
    • Influencer marketing
    • Market research
      • Competitive Audit
      • Custom / Analyst research
      • Focus groups
      • Market Scans & Competitive Audits
      • Media evaluation
      • Media research
      • Primary and Secondary Research
      • Target Personas
      • Target Segmentation
    • Marketing Decision Sciences
    • Media & Public Relations
      • Press Releases
    • Media buying
    • Micro Segmentation Models/Analytics
    • Multicultural Insights and Targeting
    • Opportunity Identification
    • Paid digital marketing
    • Post Product Launch Analysis
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Product Forecasting
    • Product Portfolio Analysis
    • Product Scorecard development
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • SEO keyword research
    • Social media marketing
      • Organic content (own feed)
      • Promoted content
    • Target Market and Competitive Audits
    • Traditional marketing
      • Direct mail
      • Radio
      • TV/Broadcast
    • Web/campaign analytics
      • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
      • Google analytics
      • Google tag manager (GTM)
  • Operations
    • Carbon Management
      • Climate Change Problems
      • ESG - Designing the Framework
      • Renewable Energy
      • Traditional Energy
      • Transforming to Carbon-Neutral, Carbon-Negative
    • Customer support
      • Customer success/training
      • Integrations
      • Planning and setup
      • Refactoring and Migrations
      • Support systems and sortware
    • Event management
    • Inventory planning and optimization
    • Operational efficiency
    • Operational strategy & planning
    • Operational strategy & planning
    • Performance monitoring and KPIs
    • Policies and guidelines
    • Policies and guidelines
    • Process automation
      • Automation strategy
      • Zapier
      • Zoho Flow
    • Process design
    • Process mapping
    • Project management
      • Agile & Scrum
      • Program management
      • Project strategy
      • Waterfall project management
    • RFx Management
      • Develop RFx
      • Evaluate RFx bids/responses
      • Respond to RFx
    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Supplier Quality Management
    • Supply chain management
      • Logistics
      • Procurement & Vendor management
      • Supplier relations
  • Product & Design
    • Business analysis
    • Creative
      • Creative-concepts
      • Design systems
    • Information architecture (IA)
    • Product management
      • "Moonshot" Problem solving
      • Go-to-market strategy
      • Product design and vision
      • Requirements specifications
      • Roadmapping
    • User Experience (UX)
      • Focus groups
      • Usability testing
      • User interviews
      • User research
    • User Journey building
    • User-centered design
  • Sales & eCommerce
    • B2B Sales
    • B2C Sales
    • Customer relationship management
      • CRM systems
    • E-Commerce
      • Procurement-Cost-Reduction
      • Product descriptions
      • Product Research
      • Store Management
    • Lead generation
    • Sales optimization
      • Marketing assessment
      • Sales Process Refinement
      • Sales Training
    • Sales strategy
      • Selling domestically
      • Selling internationally
  • Technology & Data
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Audit & evaluations
    • Data Curation, Sourcing / Licensing
    • Data Visualization Creation
    • Geo-Spatial Data Platforms
    • Hosting and cloud services
      • Cloud Services Application
      • Hybrid Cloud Solution
      • Private Cloud Solution
      • Public Cloud Solution
    • Hubspot
    • IT Infrastructure
      • Application Management
      • Database Management
      • Monitoring Alerts and Notification
      • Network Management
      • Security Management
      • Server Management
      • Server Provisioning
      • Storage Management
    • IT roadmap & planning
    • Machine learning (ML)
    • Managed services
      • Auditing and compliance
      • Cloud computing setup and management
      • Cybersecurity, or Security-as-a-Service
      • Data analysis and reporting
      • Data backup and disaster recovery
      • Digitalization and Data Integration
      • IT support services
      • Managed communications
      • Networking infrastructure setup and management
    • Mobile app development
    • Mobile web development
    • Monetizable Data Products Design
    • Security
      • Cloud Application Security
      • Data Security
      • Email Security
      • Encryption
      • Mobile Security
      • Network Security
      • Server Protection
    • Software
      • Custom Software Development
      • Enterprise systems (ERP)
      • Hubspot
      • MVP Building
      • Prototyping
      • Software architecture
    • Use no-code platforms
    • Web development
    • Zoho


  • Alberta, Canada
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • California, USA
  • Colorado, USA
  • Connecticut, USA
  • Florida, USA
  • Global
  • Illinois, USA
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kuwait
  • Manitoba, Canada
  • Michigan, USA
  • New Brunswick, Canada
  • New York, USA
  • North Carolina, USA
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Pennsylvania, USA
  • Quebec, Canada
  • Singapore
  • South Carolina, USA
  • Texas, USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Utah, USA
  • Virginia, USA
  • Washington, USA
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  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
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  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Auto & Transportation
  • Cannabis
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Fashion & Garment
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government & Non-Profit
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Legal Service
  • Luxury Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Mining & Environment
  • News & Information
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Software & Technology
  • Telecommunications
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  • Consultant
  • Partner
  • Associate
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A middle-aged man with light hair is smiling and wearing a dark blue shirt. The background is transparent.

Alan S.

Founder and Small Business Consultant

5.0 (2 reviews)
New York, USA
An experienced marketing consultant with short, dark hair wearing glasses and a necklace with large blue stones smiles at the camera. She is dressed in a multicolored top with shades of blue, red, and gray. The background is plain white.

Alexandra K.

Operations, PMO, People, Product, Marketing & Finance Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
A person with short black hair wearing a checkered shirt is looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression. The background is plain white.

Amber L.

UX Researcher / Product Manager

Manitoba, Canada
A woman with long, dark hair smiles warmly at the camera. She is wearing a black jacket with a button detail and a light-colored scarf with green leaf patterns. The background is transparent.

Anandi N.

Performance and Leadership Coach

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
cropped andria barrett.png

Andria B.

Speaker, Facilitator & Consultant

Ontario, Canada
A woman with shoulder-length brown hair and bangs, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black top with a white detail around the neckline. The background is plain and dark.

Angela I.

Marketing and Small Business Start-up Consultant

5.0 (2 reviews)
Florida, USA
bachir b.

Bachir B.

Leadership expert and Executive coach

Ontario, Canada
A man in a gray suit, white shirt, and gray tie is looking at the camera with a neutral expression. He has short dark hair and is standing against a plain background.

Badar H.

Business and Finance Transformation Specialist Management Consultant & Fractional CFO

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
Bill M

Bill M.

Program Strategy and Business Capture Expert

5.0 (2 reviews)
Virginia, USA
Robert Eisenberg

Bob E.

Senior Product Management, Operations, & General Management Executive

5.0 (3 reviews)
Florida, USA
A man with short dark hair in a checkered button-up shirt is looking straight at the camera and smiling slightly. The background is plain white, focusing attention on his face.

Bofan W.

General Management Consultant

Quebec, Canada
A colorful, geometric icon featuring a staircase-like design, ideal for technology tips for businesses. The icon consists of four squares: a cyan square at the top, two purple squares below it, and a violet square at the bottom, all arranged diagonally from bottom-left to upper-right against a gray circle.

Cansulta .

Expertise within Reach.™

A woman with long curly blonde hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black top and a black jacket, with a small heart-shaped necklace. The background is white.

Christina M.

LinkedIn Consultant

5.0 (5 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
A woman with shoulder-length, wavy, light brown hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a light-colored jacket and has a fair complexion. The background is plain white.

Cynthia B.

Brand Strategist

5.0 (3 reviews)
Texas, USA
Daniel Jimenez

Daniel J.

Growth, Marketing and Digital expert

5.0 (2 reviews)
danish m.

Danish M.

Associate Consultant

Ontario, Canada
david romeo cropped

David R.

Management Consultant & Product Manager

4.7 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
Ed Kang

Ed K.

Lead Advisor for / Registered Organization Development Consultant (RODC) / Certified Executive Coach

Alberta, Canada
A woman with long dark hair is smiling and wearing a white blazer over a white top. She accessorizes with a gold necklace and embellished earrings. She has a tan stole draped around her neck, indicating a possible graduation or achievement. The background is plain green.

Elaina M.

Marketing and Strategy Consultant

5.0 (1 reviews)
North Carolina, USA
ethan2024 crop depositphotos bgremover

Ethan L.

Podcast Expert & Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
Portrait of a man with short brown hair and light complexion, looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression. He is wearing a black collared shirt and the background is plain white.

Fabio B.

Industrial Digital, Brand and Marketing Strategist

5.0 (3 reviews)
A young woman with long, wavy brown hair smiles at the camera. She is wearing a white turtleneck sweater, and the background is plain, emphasizing her friendly expression.

Farah F.

Data-Driven Product & Business Strategist

Georgie Manera

Georgie M.

Brand Marketing Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Pennsylvania, USA
A man with short dark hair, a beard, and a slight smile is wearing a black turtleneck and a black blazer. The background is transparent. This could easily be consultant Giorgio Barakat, known for his polished professional look.

Giorgio B.

Associate Consultant

United Kingdom
COPY Kari Zee 1

Graeme B.

Business Planning and Brand Management

5.0 (6 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
A man with short, light-colored hair is wearing a light gray blazer over a collared shirt with thin stripes. He has a red poppy pinned to his blazer lapel and is smiling at the camera against a plain white background.

Greg P.

Award-Winning Marketer & Canadian Army Veteran

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
A person with short, dark hair and a trimmed beard is standing against a plain white background. They are wearing a light blue button-up shirt and smiling slightly at the camera.

Ignacio A.

Industrial Engineer

A man with short hair stands against a white background, wearing a light purple button-up shirt. He is holding an open folder and a smartphone, looking at the camera with a slight smile. One of his fingers sports a silver ring.

Igor L.

Strategic Growth Expert and Implementation Champion

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
isabelle lv 2023

Isabelle L.

Reinvention Consultant

4.5 (2 reviews)
New Brunswick, Canada
Jason Phillips

Jason P.

Co-Founder & Chief Insight Scientist

5.0 (3 reviews)
Colorado, USA
A man with short brown hair is wearing a dark pinstripe suit, a white shirt, and a blue tie. He stands confidently with his arms crossed against a transparent background.

Jeffrey F.

Management Consultant & Fractional CFO

5.0 (2 reviews)
Connecticut, USA

Jimit S.

Fractional CFO, Finance & Operations Transformation, and PMO

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
RemoteEmployee Joey

Joey Zuardo

Sr. Account Executive at Remote Employee

Illinois, USA
John Trainor

John T.

Writer, Value Architect

5.0 (1 reviews)
British Columbia, Canada
Jon Goddard

Jon G.

Marketing and Strategy Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Utah, USA
jon pelzer

Jon P.

Executive Solutions Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Texas, USA
Jon Reay

Jon R.

Digital Strategist

United Kingdom
A young man with short, dark hair and a beard smiles warmly at the camera. He is wearing a rust-colored, zip-up sweater with a high collar. The background is plain, allowing the focus to remain on his friendly expression.

Jovin M.

Product Manager

Ontario, Canada
Kim Fairley1 1

Kim F.

Strategic Advisor

5.0 (3 reviews)
North Carolina, USA
Lawrence Tepperman

Lawrence T.

Proven, Growth CEO

A woman with long, wavy dark hair smiles at the camera. She wears glasses, a white collared shirt, and a black blazer. The background is plain white.

Lessly R.

Data Scientist and Marketer

Texas, USA
Line T

Line T.

Business, Digital, and web3 Strategy Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
New York, USA
Liz Harrison Update

Liz H.

Financial Consultant

United Kingdom
marcos fugulin

Marcos F.

Strategic Advisor and Business, Sales & Marketing Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Florida, USA
mark wesson 2023

Mark W.

Innovator and Business Advisor

5.0 (3 reviews)
California, USA
Mathew Essa 1 e1652725330725

Mathew E.

Serial Social Entrepreneur

5.0 (2 reviews)
cropped megan j.png

Megan J.

Digital, Marketing & Events Project Manager

Ontario, Canada
A man wearing a dark blue suit with a purple tie, gazing slightly to the right. He has short brown hair and a calm expression. The background is plain and nondescript.

Naveed A.

Business growth consultant

5.0 (2 reviews)
United Kingdom
pat pirisi

Pat P.

Creative Director/Writer/Brand Strategist

5.0 (6 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
paul gv

Paul G.

Expert Strategist

4.5 (6 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
A man with light skin and short, red hair is wearing black-framed glasses, a purple shirt, and a dark blazer. He is looking at the camera with a neutral expression, standing against a plain, light-colored wall.

Peter A.

Marketing Strategist

5.0 (2 reviews)
British Columbia, Canada
A smiling man with short, light-colored hair is wearing a white dress shirt and a black blazer. He is looking at the camera with a friendly expression, set against a transparent background.

Randy N.

Brand Marketing & Media Strategy Consultant

5.0 (2 reviews)
South Carolina, USA

Renata P.

Commercialization, Marketing, Growth, Sales Officer

5.0 (1 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
richard schrotenboer

Richard S.

Finance, Operations, and Strategy Consultant

4.8 (4 reviews)
Michigan, USA
A man with short dark hair is wearing a dark collared shirt and smiling slightly. The background is edited to be transparent.

Rob R.

Marketing, Digital, Business Development and Operations Consultant

5.0 (2 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
romulo c

Rômulo C.

Strategy, Finance & BRICS expert

A woman with short brown hair is smiling at the camera. She is wearing large, spiral-shaped silver earrings and a dark blazer. The background is plain white.

Sabine M.

International Business Enthusiast

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
A smiling bald man with a beard stands in front of a white wooden wall. A vertical dotted line superimposed over the image divides his face into two symmetrical halves. The Business Transformation Consultant is wearing a dark jacket over a maroon shirt.

Sean D.

Business Transformation Consultant

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
cropped seemal a

Seemal A.

General Business Management Strategist and Marketing Consultant

British Columbia, Canada
A person with long, curly dark hair smiling warmly. They are wearing a red top and a necklace with a small pendant. The background is plain white.

Sofia A.

Small Business Strategist

5.0 (3 reviews)
Alberta, Canada
copy bill m 1

Soon Ju K.

Data-centric Marketing Strategist & Data and Analytics Steward

5.0 (7 reviews)
Pennsylvania, USA
fook tiahkhuu

Tiah Khuu

Creative Director & Partner at Fook Communications

Ontario, Canada
Tim Riley

Tim R.

Senior Business Consultant

5.0 (2 reviews)
Washington, USA
A woman with short, blonde hair and a purple top is standing in a modern office setting with large windows and white walls. The room features a white cabinet, potted plants, and black chairs around a circular wooden table.

Tonille M.

Global Transformation and People Experience Leader

4.7 (3 reviews)
New York, USA
A smiling man is wearing a blue checkered button-up shirt. He has short hair and a trimmed beard. The background is black.

Trevor S.

Business Strategist

5.0 (3 reviews)
Ontario, Canada
zenia hardboot 1

Zenia Espeleta-Go

Project Manager & Talent Acquisition

Ontario, Canada
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